How to Make Lines in Your Grass

How to Make Lines in Your GrassHow to make lines in your grass

I hope my neighbor ( to the right in this photo ) doesn't see this blog!

Have you ever wondered how some lawns have those bold vivid lines in their grass and thought " How do they make those lines in their lawn " ? Well, I'm going to tell you their secret. Whether you're selling your home or just taking pride in your lawn, having bold, rich lines and stripes in your grass are very appealing and eye catching. It gives your lawn a healthy, vibrant look.

  The photo to the right is my home. I'm a licensed real estate agent and I'm very paticular with how my home looks. To sport beautiful lines in your grass it's important to have a healthy lawn, in my opinion. Cutting your grass at the proper height, utilizing a sharp lawn mower blade, fertilizing when necessary and frequent watering all contribute to a healthy lawn.

  When I mow my grass, I have the wheels raised on the highest setting. I use a mulching blade and make sure it's sharpened a few times during the lawn cutting season. I use a small lawn company to fertilize my lawn throughout the year. In the month of May, I applied a few bags of Iron to give the grass that darker green color. The grass was also aerated in the Spring and Fall. It's not perfect but I'm very proud in the way that it appears.

  Now, How to Make Lines in Your Grass! It's pretty simple. I use a Lawn Stryper that attaches to a hitch attached to the lower part of my lawn mower. I either use the Stryper while I mow my grass or simply tow it behind while I push my mower when it's not running ( neighbors have to think I'm strange ). I do this in the morning when the grass is moist and the blades roll over easier. The Stryper pushes the blades of grass in one direction while pushing the mower and then pushes them in another direction while pushing the opposite way. Doing this makes the lines in your grass. It's that simple and looks great!

Here are a few more photos of my Lawn with Lines below:

How to make lines in your grass

How to make lines in your grass

 How to make lines in your grass

Comment balloon 2 commentsSam Cooper • June 10 2012 01:15PM


Great photo's Sam! Your home has beautiful curb appeal. This is another example of the attention to detail that should be given, especially when your home is on the market.

Thanks for sharing!


Posted by Jeffrey Funk, Broker Associate | Team Leader (eXp Realty) about 8 years ago

Sam, I always wondered about that.  Since we don't really have "grass" here in Western NC, more like green dirt covering...I don't think stripes are in my yard's future anytime soon but I have always admired the look.

Posted by Mona Gersky, GRI,IMSD-Taking the mystery out of real estate. (MoonDancer Realty, Dillsboro,NC) about 8 years ago